Cybersecurity is not one size fits all

Your threat land scape is as unique as your business, generic solutions rarely make effective countermeasure strategies

If preventing software vulnerabilities was easy, hackers would give up!

Unfortunately fixing software bugs and closing security holes is painful, time-consuming and inefficient, ultimately affecting your bottom line.

Let’s help you get it right first time.

We enable you to increase velocity and the speed of innovation, and release secure products on time with ease. Allowing developers to focus on what they do best, instead of wasting valuable time worrying about security issues beyond their expertise.

AI Threat Analyser

Our Machine learning engine analyses hundreds of millions of exploited data points 24/7 (around the clock), we give developers the brain of an ethical hacker so they can produce code that is consistently secure and compliant — think of it as being like Grammarly of Cyber Security for engineers. Best 3 options with ratings

Cyber Security Awareness Training (Playground)

Beyond providing rapid automated solutions, Our CyberSuite playground is helping to educate the next generation of developers and cybersecurity experts with our training lab, keeping them up to date in a rapidly evolving industry where nobody can afford to stand still.

Vulnerability Anti-patterns Database (VAP DB)

CyberSuite is the product of over a decade’s research into application security and market analysis. It’s based on our new language — Vulnerability Anti-Pattern (VAP) — which rapidly exposes poor cybersecurity practices to development teams.

In the background our innovative machine learning brain draws on the latest threat intelligence, common coding errors and fixes, to provide real-time, accurate insights for your code.

Other areas of expertise includes

Cybersecurity awareness training

DevOps to DevSecOps

Information security team

Automated AI-Threat vulnerability Analyzer

Compliance readiness

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